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With over 40 years of combined  experience, Jordan and Evan Carbotti continue to design custom experiences throughout the U.S. as well as abroad. As the sons of special event Hall of Famer Richard Carbotti, The Carbotti brothers were virtually born into the industry, designing events and speaking at major industry conferences by the age of 18.


Jordan and Evan truly have a love of all things creative, and continually work towards ensuring that each creative project reflects their positive lifestyle and cool aesthetic.


As co-owners of a company that has existed for more than three decades, Jordan and Evan pride themselves on being able to fuse a youthful modern perspective with an understanding of classic style and refinement. 


It is this blend of their father's influence with their own vibrant energy that draws clients to the Carbottis from all over the world. 

Jordan and Evan Carbotti drink champagne and enjoy men's fashion


The Carbotti Experiences team at thei wedding photo shoot in Newport, RI.


Event design has been the staple of our company for the last three decades. If Interior design is held at the core of our professional mindset as our foundation, it is the design and production of weddings, corporate, social, and non-profit special events that serves as the wide reaching platform through which we expand upon our creative visions, sharing with our diverse clients our ability to transform spaces and create lasting memories. From ballrooms to basements, parking lots and skyscrapers, to Denver’s Red Rocks, the sands of Aruba and beyond, Carbotti Experiences has been fostering creative leaps for decades. Our mission is to deliver a perfectly tailored design experience for any special event one can dream up. We work with budgets of all sizes, using our relationships and creative talents to offer the best value possible for our clients both nationally and internationally.


As a full service design company we specialize in the design and production of beautiful and stylish environments of any scale. In addition to our award-winning event design, Carbotti XP offers decades of innovative graphic design, visual merchandising and interior design experience from which the company was born. With attention to detail held to the highest standard, we at Carbotti XP ensure the quality and authenticity our clients demand. 

Our philosophy at Carbotti Experiences involves much more than good design. An event is only as good as how our guests feel within its confines. We believe that the success of our creative endeavors is driven by our ability to connect and identify with all types of companies, individuals, brands, and groups. Our clients want something orginal.              They want something new, fresh, exicting and fun. The experience                  for our guests must be about much more than a pretty installation.

Guests need to feel something when they

enter a space, and it is that feeling, that

visceral, emotional response, that we

pride ourselves on providing each time

we design and produce a space.


There are two precepts which are the

foundations for designing an event. First, a

knowledge of and respect for space and

how people are affected by it. Second, a

working knowledge of artistic and cultural

styles and periods as they are developed

through history. A successful combination of

these two perspectives is what yields the high level of sophistication and style at each event. Designing and producing events allows us the opportunity to move and inspire a wide array of people from accross the globe, and it is our job to create, motivate, and excite by using the basic elements of art and design.

Jordan Carbotti, lead event and weddig designer for Carbotti Experiences

Jordan Carbotti was born and raised in Newport, RI. Jordan’s creativity and love of design is matched only by his passion for fitness, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, vitamin D, tequila, and French bulldogs. He is the senior partner of Carbotti XP. As a lead designer, he takes an active role in all conceptual and developmental stages of the event design and production. His creative input and innovative visions are indispensable resources for this family run company, and his onsite presence plays a vital role in each event's completion. His love of design and travel has led to the purchase of entirely too many tailored suits that he frequently changes throughout the day as he galavants throughout various events. He is a past recipient of the Rising Star award for Special Events Magazine, and through his leadership his company has won and been nominated for numerous industry awards for design-related and creative achievements.

Evan Carbotti is the coowner and designer of Carbotti Experiences

Evan Carbotti was born and raised in Newport, RI. After attending Wheaton college in Massachusetts as a student athlete, where he studied creative writing, he quickly realized that he wanted to see where his family business could take him. Knowing that New England winters can be brutal and that there was a colorful world out there, he welcomed the chance to partner with his brother and father in their event design company which would allow him to travel and explore his creative talents. Evan currently resides in Newport with his wife, Ingrid. Their first child, Little Baby Enzo, joined their squad in August of 2017, and is already breaking hearts up and down the East Coast. When Evan is not working to develop innovative design concepts, he is training as a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt with his brother (also a black belt) at Two Swords Jiu-Jitsu Academy. As a firm believer that an active and healthy life-style yields a happy, productive and more creative life, Evan continually makes an effort to get outside and explore the world, pursing a healthy mind and body.

Ingrid Adolphs lead weddings planner and designer

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Ingrid planned gatherings at home with seriousness and imagination at a very young age. Attuned to her passion for people and events, she attended high school in the U.S. and pursued a Hospitality degree from the Florida International University. Her formal career began at Four Seasons Hotel Miami, which she reveres as The Academy; an experience that exposed her to best practices and impressed upon her the importance of personalized attention. After acquiring significant experience in food and beverage operations, Ingrid decided to explore the corporate side of hotels working for Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts Americas, where she gained experience in Revenue Management and Online Marketing Strategies. She currently leads Carbotti XP's creative marketing and business strategies, and plays an integral part in all concept development. 

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