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Richard Carbotti Legacy

Great ideas are often born from unusual circumstance. Creativity, passion and a little bit of luck never hurt. To put it simply, our company, born Perfect Surroundings, started with the late Richard Carbotti on a ladder. He was hanging wall paper in one of Newport, Rhode Island’s famous summer cottages, Beechwood. The now internationally recognized company was literally created from the ground up, and began when the slightly over-confident design school graduate was asked to step down from the ladder to meet someone interested in throwing a series of special events. He obliged (reluctantly), and was immediately met by Queen Elizabeth’s decorator.


The events would be for the America’s Cup and Ted Turner, and would include an event for Prince Andrew. Carbotti’s event design and production proved to be a huge success, quickly launching him into a new career and industry spotlight, landing him in such publications as Town and Country and People Magazine among others. Years and decades passed, and Carbotti's company continually grew and evolved into what it is today; an internationally acclaimed event firm led my his two sons, Jordan and Evan.  

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